Ipoh 2012 - Burps & Giggles

I've heard that Julie Song - the owner and chef behind Indulgence Restaurant, had a new venture in Ipoh town centre and decided that I must give it a try. It happened to be right behind Sekeping Kong Hong where I was staying. The place is called Burps & Giggles - a bar and casual cafe. I really like the name.

I went to check it out in the morning and went back for lunch. The bar and cafe are in adjacent shophouses. For the bar, they have removed the upper storey - resulting in a very nice double-volume space that is nicely decorated. The bar next door is also charmingly decorated with antiques and interesting bric-a-brac. Incidentally, while I was there the owner also popped in. She is a very charming lady, and it is always nice to bump into people who are obviously very passionate about what they do.

The retro charm of the bar interior.

The interior of the cafe is not unlike that of an old Parisian dig.

Burps & Giggles specializes in burgers, so that was what I ordered. I had the Jammy Burger - which came with an Angus beef patty with jalapeno pepper, tomato jam, onion, and cheese. The burger arrived looking very impressive, with a serrated knife punched right through it. The flavours were good, unfortunately, the beef patty didn't hold together and was falling apart. The texture was not so great.

I also had a Passion Fruit Madeira Cake. This fortunately was much better. It had a very nice texture and flavours.

I have to say that my experiences at both Indulgence and Burps & Giggles were a bit flawed. It was a bit disappointing, but at the same time, I was also glad to see that there are people trying to do something different rather than the run of the mill.


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