Dusseldorf 2013 - MedienHafen

Like Frankfurt, Dusseldorf is also built next to a river. In the case of Dusseldorf - it is the famous River Rhine which also runs through Cologne. The Eastern side of the city used to be the main harbour. Today it has been transformed into the MedienHafen - a new business district geared towards media and communications industries. This area now houses many new buildings - some of which are designed by Internationally renown architects like Frank Gehry, Steven Holl and David Chipperfield. 

What is interesting about MedienHafen is its legacy as a port. Old and new buildings are juxtaposed against each other, with some of the old port structures retained as part of the landscape.

The famous Frank Gehry has built a trio of office buildings here - one in fair-face brick, one in stainless steel and  one in white plaster. The are the most practical Gehry buildings I've seen yet. Actually quite nice.


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