Cologne 2013 - Here and There Part I

Cologne is the 4th largest city in Germany with a population of around a million. It was one of the most heavily bombed city during the 2nd World War - and much of the City was destroyed. The famous Cologne Cathedral miraculously survived the bombings and today it is the biggest attraction here. Cologne is also home to the University of Cologne - one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe.

The Cathedral is the most visible landmark in Cologne as it is a relatively flat city. There are not many tall buildings around, so the spires of the Cathedral stand taller then the rest- as it should be in a Medieval city.

The square in front of Cologne Cathedral is always full of people - especially tour groups. Many of the local touts even speak Chinese.

Most of the structure is original. Though built hundreds of years ago - today we still stand in awe at the beauty and magnificence of the structure.

The interior is even more awe-inspiring. The lightness of the stone structures in a Gothic cathedral is always so unexpected and a visual delight - and the wide expanse of stained glass windows allow light to stream beautifully into the cavernous space.


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