Cologne 2013 - Here and There Part II

Like Frankfurt, a river runs through the City of Cologne - but in this case it is the famous Rhine River. From the Cathedral, an impressive steel rainbow bridge called Hohenzollern Bridge crosses the river connecting the 2 sides of the City. On this bridge you will see an amazing sight of thousands of pad-locks tied to the railings by star-crossed lovers from all over the World. The tradition is to carve the lovers' initials onto the pad-locks, lock them onto the railings and then throw the keys into the river as a token of eternal love. I wonder what happens when the love dies !

From across the river you get a great view of the Cologne Old Town. Besides Cologne Cathedral, one of the most striking buildings you will see is the Gross St. Martin Basilica. You can't miss it - it is the one which looks a bit like the Disney Castle - with its prominent Romanesque Tower.

Back in the Old Town - it is great to wander around the cobblestoned back streets and town squares. 


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