Dusseldorf 2013 - Dinner at Bierbrauerei Schumacher

We only stayed 1 night in Dusseldorf and our dinner was at Bierbrauerei Schumacher - a typical German Brauerei which brew their own beer. The place looks vintage and is huge. There are many different nooks and crannies which takes a while to explore. 

Once you sit down a glass of beer is immediately put in front of you. I am not much of a beer drinker, but the dark "Alt" beer - their house brew - is very nice and easy down the throat. One thing to take note is that they will keep filling your glass until you say stop.

Being a dinner which was part of the tour package - it included a soup, a salad, a main and dessert. The soup was really nice - a tomato soup with nice strong flavours.

The salad was a generous serving of mixed lettuces with a tart and refreshing German dressing.

The chicken was panfried and served with a light cream sauce and buttered rice - a very simple yet tasty dish. The chicken was nicely crisped on the outside and still tender on the inside.

We augmented the meal with an order of their mixed platter - which included 2 pork knuckles and assorted sausages. It was all porkie goodness.

The stand out of the meal was the dessert. It was a fruit compote which looked great on the plate - and tasted even better in the mouth. Not too sweet - the creamy sauce helped to round out the bursts of berry flavours on the palate. 


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