Dusseldorf 2013 - Kunstsammlung Standehaus Museum (K21)

If you have the time, it is always worth checking out the numerous museums in European cities as they hold many artistic treasures. The main art galleries in Dusseldorf - called the Kunstsammlung - is actually spread over a few buildings in different locations. The collection that I most wanted to see - the Paul Klee collection is housed in a neo-Renaissance style building called the Standehaus. This building used to be the Parliament house and is located within the Old Town.

Standehaus focuses on art of the 20th and 21st century. The entrance fee is quite reasonable - around 10 euros. Their Paul Klee collection includes over 100 works by the German-Swiss master. I've always been fascinated by Paul Klee's work due to their affinity to architectural forms. Some of his works bear great resemblance to stained glass designs - which is not surprising as he once taught at the workshop in the famous Bauhaus School which specialized in mural painting, bookbinding and stained glass. 

Some of the other contemporary exhibitions in the Museum.


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