Dusseldorf 2013 - Carlsplatz Markt

At the edge of  the Old Town - not far from the Market Square is the famous Carlsplatz Markt of Dusseldorf. Like many of the markets in Europe - you can find the most common as well as the most premium ingredients all in one place. From cabbages to carrots, tomatoes to asparagus, ham and sausages to white or black truffles - you name it and most likely they will have it here. To me this is one of the must visits on your Dusseldorf itinerary.

The market stalls are neatly laid out in rows and divided into different product sections. All the stall keepers take pride in displaying their produce in the most attractive way. This place is so clean, so calm and yet visually alluring that it turns a marketing chore into a pleasure to look forward to. Of course - expect to pay prices commensurate with the quality on offer here.

It was here that we caught the first glimpse of tulips which were just starting to bloom.

It was also here that we found the archetypal friendly butcher. He was so generous he let us try several of the hams and cured sausages. With a smile like that - language is no barrier. We bought a beautiful pork liver sausage from him which we ate with the Sternchen Bread we bought at Hinkel Bakery back at the Old Town. A marriage made in heaven.


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