Kuala Lumpur - Graffiti

Behind the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is Sungai Kelang, one of the many streams criss-crossing the city. These are an important part of the KL storm water system. Across the stream is a small pedestrian lane which connects to the rapid transit station nearby. Here you will find some interesting old buildings and shophouses in the Colonial style. It was also here that I discovered some of the most interesting graffiti in KL.

Like most big cities, graffiti are not an uncommon sight in KL. Usually they are just quick scribbles to let off some steam. However there are also some who wield it more as a means of expression and an art form. I am glad to see that even in KL, we have some great graffiti artists waiting to be discovered.

The next time you visit Dataran Merdeka, turn to the back of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building to admire some free street art.


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