Kuala Lumpur - Bukit Bintang Street Performers

The streets around Bukit Binting really only come alive after 10.00 p.m., when the shops and shopping centres are closed. This is when the street performers come out to entertain the crowds, and there are usually several groups of them in the area. One of the most consistent and entertaining is a group of percussionists who perform in front of the Maybank at the junction. The size of the group seem to shrink and grow from time to time, and there are always new "members" joining the group. They never fail to rouse up the crowd, and some of the more enthusiastic ones would even join in the fun.

On a recent visit I came across this bald men with a python and a tiny monkey. I have never seen him before, he seems to be new in town. The kids were really taken with the monkey, and it was a wonder that the python never swallow the monkey when the man wasn't looking. The monkey was always bugging the python behind the man's back !

If you are looking for more sedate entertainment, there are many masseur offering a relaxing foot massage on the street. They are really cheap too !


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