Eating in Kuala Lumpur - San Har Meen

I have heard so much about San Har Meen in KL, but never had the opportunity to try it until now. A friend took me to this Coffeeshop in Pandan Indah called Restoran Kow Siew. I actually have no idea where Pandan Indah is, so don't ask me for directions. It looks like an outer suburb of KL, and the coffeeshop is in the local commercial centre, among some 2 and 3-storey shophouses. I saw an Old Town Kopitiam nearby.

The place is really unassuming - but as is often the case in KL, amazing food can be had at some of the most unlikely places.

This coffeeshop specializes in only one item - the San Har Meen (Fresh Prawn Noodles). When our order came out, I can see why. Those must be some of the biggest and freshest fresh-water lobsters I have ever seen ! Needless to say the prawns were amazing. And the sauce - delicious ! It is just seasoned with the sweetness of the prawns and some eggs.

My friend also ordered the Beef Hor Fun - stirfried rice noodles with beef slices. The sauce is seasoned with oyster sauce, ginger, soy sauce and probably lots of MSG. The beef is so tender ! This is a Cantonese style of preparing beef slices which is very popular in Chinese restaurants - the beef is tenderize with tons of tenderizer until it is really soft and almost like tofu. Really an acquired taste, and can be a shock if you are having it for the first time.

The San Har Meen is not cheap. In fact it is really expensive - at RM 80.00 for the order ! But it is worth it for the experience and the joy of tasting really fresh prawns cooked to perfection.


Kong-Kay said…
mighty expensive for the plate of noodle. at least, you can say you've tried it! and the hor fun looks extra starchy besides its fluffy texture.
SCLY said…
hey i'm not sure if you r someone i met tru hubert in kuching? chee wee? great blog btw, i've been a loyal follower

Borneoboy said…
Hi. Thanks for following my Blog. You are from Kuching ? Now who might you be ?
SCLY said…
sorry i am meant to be anonymous for my own blog. :)
i am from cameron highlands. used to go out with hubert thus my kuching connection
napzzz said…
Dont have to go all the way to Pandan Indah. This san har meen has many `outlets' operated by the many descendants of the origin `soo Kee' better known as `Under the big tree trunk' in KL

Discovered your blog a few months back....really enjoy reading it. BTW I beleive u r the CW I Know, we used to go to the same school & met couple of times when I was living in KCH
Borneoboy said…
Hi SCLY. Now I know who you are !

napzzz, now I need to figure out who you are !. BTW thanks for the tip.
after looking at the san har meen again, i bought some frozen fresh water prawns. will attempt to make that in the next few day :)

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