Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Illy Expressamente

I love coffee, and when it comes to Italian coffee I've been hooked on Lavazza for a very long time. Then Illy came along and took the world by storm, but I have remained true to my first love - Lavazza. I like it's dark, strong and rich flavour - compared to it Illy is downright lame. And then I saw this bright and shiny thing right at the entrance to The Pavilion Shopping Centre - it's Illy Expressamente - an Illy signature cafe. I couldn't resist giving it a try.

The cafe is quite small, only a few tables inside. The main seating area is actually outside. There's lots of glass, mirrors and stainless steel, and the big red and white Illy logo. The expresso machine takes it's pride of place right under the Illy shrine, and guess what ? They have a real live Italian barista !

As it was a hot day, I decided to order an iced latte. It was good - not as good as a Lavazza of course. I also ordered a slice of Pecan Pie - which was really nutty, moist and delicious. Still feeling a little peckish, I ordered the tuna salad. It was really great! Chunks of fresh tuna, eggs, and toasted eggplants on cherry tomatoes and crunchy greens. The dressing is simply very good olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a bit of pepper. Classic !

Expressamente Illy is a stylish, trendy and convenient place for a coffee fix. They also have excellent desserts and nice light snacks. I just wish they would serve Lavazza instead !


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