Hong Kong - Skyline

Since it's early days, Hong Kong has been one of the World's leading financial centres. Many people worried that after the handing over back to China in 1997, Hong Kong would lose it's lustre. But the "one country, two systems" policy promised by China seems to have worked so far, and it continues to thrive as an economic powerhouse. Of course it's political freedom has been curtailed somewhat - but in all other aspects of life it seems to be business as usual, and business is the main activity in Hong Kong.

Visiting Hong Kong is always an exciting experience. With 7 million people fitting into a tiny area, it is one of the most crowded cities in the World. The value of land is here is measured in the square inch !

Being a prolific movie capital of Asia, it is amazing how many films have used Hong Kong as a backdrop, and yet it never looks boring. When I visit, one of my favourite things to do is to spot the locations used in some of my favourite Hong Kong movies. It is also blessed with one of the most spectacular city skylines, easily viewed from Kowloon. 


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