Bangkok - Khlong Saen Saep

There is a part of Bangkok which may not be so obvious to the first time visitor. It is like a hidden world, but is very much a part of the city life. The city is so crowded and overbuilt that it is easy to miss them, but if you take the time to walk around you will definitely come accross one or two. They are the "khlongs" or canals of Bangkok.

Bangkok used to be a city of canals and was called "Venice of the East". Many of these have since been filled up and converted into roads, including some of the main streets. The "khlongs" are still used as major means of water transport for goods and people. Khlong Saen Saep runs through central Bangkok, and is one of the busiest waterways. There are many stops along the way, and to take one you just wave at them and they will stop to pick you up. 

The water in the khlongs look deceptively clean, but the smell gives the game away. Besides being waterways, these are also the sewers of Bangkok !

When not criss-crossed by the boats, the scene is slmost idyllic. 


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