Bangkok - Street Food

In Bangkok you will never starve - if you have money that is. But you don't really need much to feed yourself here, and the variety and taste of the street food is simply amazing. Everywhere you go, every street corner you turn to, there are bound to be stalls selling noodles, barbecued meat, grilled bananas, fish cake, som tum (green papaya salad), etc. 

The stalls start very early - about 6.00 a.m. serving customers on their way to work. They are open all day until evening when the streets are taken over by other stalls selling t-shirts and souvenirs. Prices are really cheap by Western standards, but be prepared to put up with local hygienic standards. So far I have never gotten sick from the street food though, and this is one of the joys of Bangkok you wouldn't want to miss.


Anonymous said…
Sounds amazing! I'm going to Bangkok this January, hope to try all this delicious food.

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