Bangkok - Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who helped to revitalize the Thai silk industry in the 50s and 60s. He was a practicing architect before volunteering for military service, where he was assigned to the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) - a forerunner of the CIA. After the 2nd World War he settled down in Bangkok and founded the Thai Silk Company which later became the Jim Thompson Silk Company renowned for it's high quality silk fabric and fashion. 

When he was holidaying at the Cameron Highlands in 1967, Jim Thompson mysteriously disappeared while taking an afternoon walk in the jungle. He was never found, and till today nobody knows what happened that fateful day. 

A lover of Thai art and architecture, Jim Thompson was an avid collector. For his house in Bangkok, he brought together a few traditional Thai houses - mostly from old Thai capital Ayudhya, and assembled them in a lush tropical garden. The houses are fine examples of traditional Thai architecture, and tastefully decorated with his vast collection of antiques and Thai art. 


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