Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Eest at Westin KL

Another nice meal courtesy of Starwood Privilege Membership. This time it's Eest at Westin Hotel.

Eest is a "Pan-Asian" restaurant which brings together the cuisine from several Asian cultures including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malay flavours under one venue. The interior design is truly stunning - a modern interpretation of Asian elements which is done to a very high standard of finish. There is a main dining area next to the open kitchen, and private rooms at another side. Actually there are several open kitchens for preparation of different orders from the pan-Asian menu. 
The really beautiful interior.
We went for the Dum Sum Brunch which is served on Saturdays and Sundays. This is an "eat all you can" concept from the dim sum menu, which has quite a wide selection. As expected, the dim sum is not as good as at specialty dim sum restaurants. It's missing one of the key ingredients - pork, as this is a Halal establishment being in a hotel. Having said that, most of the items are really quite good. The pastry and fried items were generally more successful then the steamed items.
The complimentary starter was great- a selection of mini-items from all over Asia.
One of the highlights was the Chee Chiong Fun with black cod. These are flat rice noodles wrapped with black cod inside, served with a sweet soy sauce. The pieces of black cod were sweet and succulent, and the texture of the rice noodles were just right, not too soggy and still with a bit of firmness to the bite. Just great !
The sweets are definitely the star here. Clockwise from right - green tea mochi icecream; bubur cha cha - a sweet soupy dessert with coconut milk, chunks of sweet potato, yam, tapioca jelly and sago pearls (this one was just like what mum used to make); poached pears in sweet tea broth, and mango pudding. The mango pudding was so good we had to have seconds ! It was topped with a sweet cream and black olive tapenade. The slightly bitter olive balanced off the sweetness of the pudding perfectly. This was an unusual combination which really worked.
As an extra treat, we bumped into famous Aussie Chef Christine Manfield giving a special cooking demonstration to a group of lucky foodies. She looked exactly liked in her photographs - clean, sharp and efficient. Like a good kitchen knife !


north sulawesi said…
mm...what an exclusive place...anyway, the food looked so yummy!!
Tan.wiratchada said…
Hummmm...absolutely beautiful...;)

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