Kuching Street Art - Part II

You know street art has gone mainstream when even the big corporations get in on the act. Under the Petronas #tanahairku street art project - a number of large wall murals were commissioned. You can find these on Wayang Street and Carpenter Street. There is even a helpful map to help you locate the artworks. This map is featured beside the "Hornbill, Hibiscus and Harmony" mural by Dewi Mio and Mohd Nor Shaddiq Mohamad Hamsah.

The most prominent among the group of murals is "Children" by  Mohd Afiruddin (Dean R) and Amey Sheikh Ali, on the side of the Wayang Street Shop House.

The most beautiful work to me is "Leaping Feline" by local artists Sonia Luhong and Amy Amin. Its a beautiful painting of a cat wearing an Iban feather head dress.

Far from being considered a nuisance like in the old days, savvy businessmen are using street to attract attention and draw people to their outlets. Check out this striking mural on the side of a cafe on Jalan Padungan.


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