Kuching Street Art - Part I

Ernest Zacharevic can be credited for starting the street art phenomenon in Malaysia when he painted a series of street art murals for the George Town Festival in 2012. Since then the street art craze has spread all over the country, and has finally landed in Sarawak. In fact Ernest himself painted a few murals in Kuching a couple of years back - but there is no lack of home grown talent who are dazzling Kuchingites with their amazing works.

A lot of the street murals are clustered around Carpenter Street. Head over to Bishop's Gate Street (the narrow lane where Drunk Monkey Bar is located) and walk toward the Gate. Cross the gate and you end up in a small back lane with a retaining wall along Lebuh Wayang. This is Kuching's own graffiti lane with lots of great works to admire.

Some of the works are strange, some are beautiful - most are strangely beautiful.

One of my favourites is this portrait which cleverly made great use of the texture and patina on the wall.


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