Bangkok Food Hunt 2017 - Thip Samai Pad Thai

Ask any Bangkokian where to get the best Pad Thai and chances are you will be pointed to Thip Samai. Having heard about it for quite some time - I have putting off a visit until now. I hate to be let down especially when a place is so hyped up as "The Best", so there is a lot riding on a simple plate of fried noodles.

Thip Samai is in the Old Town - along the famous Maha Chai Road where you will find many other popular eateries. When we arrived in the eary evening - there was already a long queue at the front. Good thing is the queue ,oved quite fast - and were had to wait only around 20 min before we got our table.

At the front of the shop you can see several stations where the chefs are cooking up the Pad Thai is super quick time. Plates of the noodles are literally flying off the woks. 

The set up at Thip Samai is quite simple yet efficient. The small tables allowed them to squeeze as many people as possible. Ordering is simple as there is only Pad thia on the menu - albeit there are several variations - original Pad thai, Superb Pad thai which comes wrapped in an egg omelette, or Pad thai without the noodles - go figure !

The Pad Thai is no doubt expertly cooked and looks great. The noodles are very tasty and nicely seasoned with the head oil from the prawns. As good as it was - it couldn't beat the Pad thai I had at Chote Chitre which came with a jumbo prawn and tasted sublime. Sadly based on more recent reviews - Chote Chitre is now a shadow of its former glory.


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