Kuching Hidden Gems - Mount Singai

Located in the Bau District, Mount Singai has an almost flat plateau which gives it a distinctive shape when viewed from afar. The mountain is reachable by road from Kuching with a 40 min drive. It makes for a great weekend outing.

Originally inhabited by the Bidayuhs of the area - the mountain is now mainly known for its Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage Centre which is located half way to the summit. Belian steps had been installed so access is quite convenient for the reasonably fit.

The walkways are very well maintained, and the lush greenery along the way made the climb less arduous.

At the foot of the mountain is a gateway which marks the entrance to the Pilgramage Centre. Entry is free, but visitors are encouraged to help carry bags of sand, pebbles and bricks for the construction works up in the mountain. 

The Pilgrimage Centre now consists of quite a number of buildings including accommodation blocks. The most distinctive building is the new Chapel in the shape of a Bidayuh Baruk.

View points along the way provide nice views of the surrounding country side.


Never knew about this place.
And I must say, your pictures demonstrate how beautiful this place is

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