Bangkok Food Hunt 2017 - Nai Uan Yentafo

Yentafo is a soup noodle dish that is very popular in Bangkok. What distinguishes it from the other noodle soups is its distinctive pink colour - which comes from the fermented soy bean paste - imparting a slightly sweet and tangy flavour to the soup. One of the most popular Yentafo shops is Nai Uan on Soi Nawa in Old Town - not far from Sao Ching Cha - The giant Swing.

The family that runs this restaurant has been doing it for many years. In fact the matriarch who runs the place still personally supervise the whole operation.

There are many toppings that goes with the soup - fish balls, fried tofu, pork, morning glory, sliced squid, and even coagulated pig's blood which is seldom seen nowadays. The bowl is always topped with a big piece of crispy fried tofu. It is simple yet delicious.


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