Vienna 2016 - Aida Konditorei

As you walk down Graben Street, there is one building you can't miss. It is at the corner of Graben and Karntner Strasse. There is a big neon sign at the corner of the building - and lots of waitresses dressed in white and pink. This is Aida Konditorei - one of the most popular cafe and dessert chains in Vienna.

Aida has more then 20 branches in Vienna - but the one at Graben is their busiest outlet. Though new competitors such as Starbucks have set up shop in Vienna - Aida has stuck to their tradition set in the 60s - with pink interiors, retro 60s furniture and pink uniforms.

Though not as high-end as Demel or Sacher Cafe, their selection of pastries still look pretty enticing.

I ended up ordering an Esterhazy Torte - named after a Hungarian diplomat Anton Esterhazy. It was sinfully good!


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