Vienna 2016 - Trafelspitz at Plachuttas Gasthaus Zur Oper

Have you heard of Viennese boiled beef? The idea of boiling beef probably makes a gourmand's blood boil. Normally we expect top quality beef to be served as a juicy steak or a beautiful steak tartare, but there is a chain of restaurants in Vienna that is famous for its boiled beef dish called Tafelspitz - and it is an experience not to be missed when you are in the City. They have 6 locations in Vienna. The one I went to is in the city centre - Plachuttas Gasthaus Zur Oper. 

At Plachuttas they have taken boiled beef to a high art. You can choose from different cuts of beef, and the beef is served in a bouillon with cooked vegetables, potato rosti and brown bread for spreading the bone marrow on. Unfortunately due to the radiant heaters the white balance in the photos are really off and do not do the great looking presentation justice. 

The bouillon is a very delicious treat in itself, and the beef is so tender and flavourful - I could eat a truckload of this. I now have a totally different view on boiled beef from this sumptuous experience. 


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