Vienna 2016 - Schonbrunn Palace

Paris has its Versaille, and vienna has its Schonbrunn Palace. Located around ..... km from the City - Schonbrunn Palace was built in the 18th Century and contains more then 1,400 rooms. It was an imperial summer residence and the most famous resident was probably Empress Maria Teresa who ruled the Hapsburg Empire from 1740 to 1780.The legendary Empress had 11 daughters and 5 sons - but only 10 survived to adulthood - including the famous but ill-fated Marie Antoinette.


The gardens are Schonbrunn Palace are huge. Perhaps not as impressive in design as Versaille - it overwhelms in terms of its sheer size. The most distintive feature is the Neptune Fountain - a huge and impressive marble fountain with the statue of Neptune in a shell-shaped chariot standing at the top of the grotto.


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