Eating in Kuching 2016 - Salmon Feast at Sanga Japanese Food

Sanga Japanese Food is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Kuching. It is easy to understand its popularity - convenient location, reasonable prices, and pretty good food. Don't expect top quality Japanese fare, but you will not be disappointed with what you are getting for your money. They do get most of their basics right.

Not many people seem to know this - but Sanga can do a pretty impressive salmon feast. If you are planning a dinner gathering for 10 people or more - this is one of the better options in Kuching - provided all your guests are into raw salmon. You can get Sanga to do everything for you - or you can bring your own salmon and they will just charge you for the service. 

For our dinner for about 12 persons - we bought a 5kg salmon for the feast. Be sure to pass the salmon to the restaurant at least 1 day before your dinner so they can do all the preparation.

The first to appear would be a huge salmon. sashimi platter. This is truly a sight to behold - and the freshness of the fish, of course, depends on the fish that you have provided to the restaurant.

Next is the sushi platter. This is equally impressive and could easily feed a small army of hungry eaters. 

The head and tail are simply grilled with salt and pepper. Here it is expertly done and you can pick out delicious morsels of meat from the succulent fish cheeks.

You also get salmon fried rice to go with all the fish.

Even the skin is not wasted but turned into tasty crispy fish skin crackers. 

If after all that you are still hungry, you can, of course, order a la carte. I would recommend the Japanese pizza, Chicken Karaage and Kimchi Soup. Sanga is located at Jalan Chan Chin Ann.


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