Eating in Kuching 2016 - The Granary

First a bit of a disclaimer - my office was involved in the design of this new food outlet. With that out of the way - The Granary is a cafe and pub housed in an old disused warehouse behind the Wayang Street shophouses. Many Kuchingites probably don't even know that this warehouse existed - it was well hidden behind a thick bush and overgrown with greenery. 

In the renovation, most of the existing walls and columns were kept. The entire roof had to be replaced as it was collapsing. Recycled building components were used to fill in the gaps, and the overall aim was to retain the rustic charm of the old warehouse as much as possible. 

A young team of entrepreneurs runs the business and they managed to give the place a cool and laid-back vibe. The menu offers mostly Italian comfort food - with pasta and pizzas pretty much at the forefront. We ordered a couple of pasta and a meatball slider to share. The sliders were bite-size and quite yummy.

The Spaghetti with Meatballs came with a hearty tomato sauce and generously sized meatballs. It tasted like it was cooked by an Italian mama.

The Fettuccine with Mushroom and Chicken came in a creamy onion sauce. This was quite light and tasty.

The Granary is meant to be a social hub - so the focus is not just on the food but on the creative drinks and events organized at the venue. They have a regular BBQ night - and live music on weekends. Check it out if you are in Kuching. 


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