Bangkok 2015 - Nuer Koo Beef Noodles

On the 4th floor of Siam Paragon Shopping Mall is one of the best beef noodle shops in Bangkok. Who would have thought - the Thais are not known to be big beef eaters as most of them are Buddhists. How times have changed!

Nuer Koo is a stall with limited seatings but being in Siam Paragon it is quite a posh outlet and you can expect prices to match. You can order the normal beef noodles, or you can go premium with Wagyu and even Kobe Beef which cost quite a bit. The normal beef noodle comes with generous slices of beef and beef balls. The soup is really rich and beefy - one of the best I've had and second only to Yong Kang Beef Noodles of Taipei.

The Wagyu Beef version comes in separate bowls, the noodles kept separate so as not to contaminate the premium beef. The beef was, of course, excellent - but was it worth the premium price - you have to judge for yourself.

They also have great side dishes to order. The pancakes filled with pork and chives were really good, especially with the spicy dipping sauce.

The pork parcels in crispy tofu skin were not bad. 

Most addictive were the crispy pork scratchings. We had to order seconds.

Nuer Koo is another one of those places that seem to be effortlessly good and in other cities would easily fall flat after a few months due to inconsistencies. The Thais do have some magic when it comes to F&B.


Rose world said…
Visited this outlet when we were in Bangkok. Interestingly, it was good. The broth was thick and the beef 2as well-seasoned.

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