Eating in Kuching 2016 - Brazzo Green House

Brazzo Green House is a new brasserie in an unusual location. It is wedged between a property sales office and some terraced houses. In fact, it shares a common boundary with a corner terraced house which doubles as its kitchen and service area. The building is single-storey and built entirely out of exposed bricks. At the front of the restaurant is a large open area covered in artificial grass. This is a surprisingly big restaurant with several dining sections.

Like every 2nd western restaurant in Kuching - the menu is heavy on pasta and pizzas. The rest of the menu is for meat lovers - featuring premium beef and lamb. As we were not up for a heavy meat dinner, we ordered a couple of pasta and pizzas. Both the past dishes - spaghetti Bolognaise and Carbonara were quite good.

The pizza with salami had a crispy thin crust and a generous amount of cheese. 

As this is also a drinking place you can also order small bites to go with drinks. The garlic bread was as expected, but the boxing chicken drumettes were covered in a too-sweet sauce. 

Brazzo is a nice restaurant, however, the prices are a bit steep. Though the food is good, it is not great so the high pricing is undeserved. It is interesting to see how this restaurant will pan out in the coming months.


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