Bangkok 2015 - After You Dessert Cafe

There is a Japanese dessert cafe fever sweeping through Bangkok right now and one of the most popular is After You Dessert Cafe. There are more than 10 branches of this popular chain in Bangkok. We went to the one in Siam Paragon and it was a long queue to wait for a table. It looks very Japanese in terms of design but is actually a home-grown franchise.

Basically, this is a cafe that serves coffee, sweet drinks and Japanese style dessert - which are mainly toasts with ice cream. It may be difficult to understand the appeal, but once you have tried you may be addicted.

We ordered the signature Shibuya Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream and a Chocolate Cake. The bread comes in a square block and is covered in honey and butter then toasted. The combination of vanilla, honey and butter is really great and it is easy to see well this simple dessert is so popular.

The Chocolate Cake is rich and moist - with a great chocolate hit.

After You's popularity is well deserved as their desserts are really great. Time for a long walk to burn off those calories!


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