Bangkok 2015 - Central Embassy Shopping Mall

Central Embassy is another brand new shopping on Soi Sukhumvit where a new mall seems to sprout up every month. The design looks very much like a copy of Zaha Hadid's oeuvre - but is in fact by UK firm Amanda Levette Architects. The facade of the building is entirely clad in glass and aluminium shingles laid out to depict traditional Thai patterns. It is quite an amazing design feature.

The curvy external form is taken into the interior as well - which is even more reminiscent of Zaha. It is all done very well and has an overall premium feel throughout.

Central Embassy is a premium shopping centre so naturally, most of the brands lean towards the high end. There is not much for the average shopper like me whose pockets are not as deep as required to shop here. There are however lots of new F&B outlets for a bit of culinary indulgence - including Issaya Cooking Studio where cooking classes are conducted by celebrity chef Ian Kitticha.


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