Bangkok 2015 - Eathai Food Hall at Central Embassy

At the basement of Central Embassy is a food hall - Eathai, featuring food from all corners of Thailand. The huge area is divided into 4 main sections - Krua 4 Pak where you can sample food from Northern, Central, Southern and vegetarian food. The Street Food section brings together a collection of the most popular street food in Bangkok. Talad Eathai is a section featuring souvenirs, snacks, spa products and cooking ingredients, and the Issaya Cooking Studio where cooking classes are conducted every day.

No expenses have been spared in renovating the space, and it feels like a 5-star hotel restaurant where you can dine in luxury and get your Thai food fix without braving the chaotic streets of Bangkok. The food is beautifully cooked and presented - but you pay a much higher price for this luxury. 

Eathai is, for now, the most exciting and beautifully designed food hall in Bangkok. The food is also great no matter what you order. It is a must-visit in Bangkok.


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