Japan 2012 - Tokyo Midtown

Akasaka District is one of the prime business and residential districts in Tokyo. There are 2 main projects which attracted me there - Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills. Of the 2, Roppongi Hills is the older one being completed in 2003, and Tokyo Midtown was completed in 2007.

I visited Tokyo Midtown first. It is a huge mixed-use development consisting of several office towers, residential and hotel towers, and a shopping podium. For a urban development in land-scarce Tokyo, it also has surprisingly large areas dedicated to a park and cultural amenities.

This large grass-covered square is a rare luxury in Tokyo. In New York or London it would be full of people, here at Tokyo Midtown it was surprisingly empty. It was anchored by a large futuristic sculpture at the far end.

The shopping podium must be one of the poshest shopping centres in Tokyo. The interior is very elegant and everything looks expensive.

In the centre of the development is a covered plaza with a beautiful glass roof. Here you do see some signs of people enjoying the space.


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