Japan 2012 - Mori Art Museum at Roppongi Hills

The Mori Art Museum is at the same level as Tokyo City View, i.e. right at the top of Mori Tower. It is quite unusual to find a museum in a highrise office tower - let alone right at the top where the view is the most premium. I guess this shows the importance that the Tower's developer placed on art.

The Mori Art Museum has no permanent collection. Instead it features a constantly revolving exhibition showcasing works from some of the foremost artists working today. While I was there the exhibition was called Arab Express - featuring cutting edge works by artists from the Middle East.

A lot of the artists work with the idea of collage - juxtaposing images from everyday life with images of wars and destruction. They express quite strongly their feeling of anguish living in a world that is often dangerous and precarious.

One of the most moving exhibit was a series of photographs of a city square. The square looks really beautiful in the photographs, but when you read the text you realize that many executions had been carried out in the square.


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