Japan 2012 - Harajuku

Harajuku - so famous it has become an adjective in itself. It is actually an area around Harajuku Station - between Shinjuku and Shibuya, two of the most popular fashion shopping destinations in Tokyo. This area is the popular gathering ground for fashion forward Japanese teenagers. They are attracted there by the cheap and trendy fashion shops that line Takeshita Dori, just opposite the train station.

Harajuku Station. Great place for people watching.

Takeshita Dori - teenage fashion paradise.

This particular shop seems to cater to girls working in the nocturnal profession.

I have seen many pictures of really outre Japanese teens and was hoping to snag some photos of them. Unfortunately when I went there on a Saturday, there were not many of them to be seen. There were some - just not as interestingly dressed as I had hoped. 


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