Taipei 2012 - Chingye Shinleyuan Taiwanese Buffet Restaurant

If you are the type that has problem choosing your dishes at a restaurant, you probably love buffets. The problem is most buffets are good on quantity but short on quality. In Taipei, you will be glad to know that there is one restaurant which offers both quantity and quality. It is Chingye Shinleyuan, a Taiwanese buffet restaurant managed by the popular Aoba restaurant group in Taipei.

Chingye Shinleyuan is located at the Huashan Creative Park, which is redeveloped from an old winery. The old buildings have been kept and restored to accommodate galleries, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The selection of food on offer is not huge by buffet standards, but they are all very carefully prepared and taste great. Many of the popular Taiwanese staples are offered here, and some are even better then their street cousins due to the better ingredients used. The pricing is also very reasonable - around RM70 per person.

Now to the food. The fresh seafood selection is quite limited but they are fresh.

The food is generally well prepared and tasty.


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