Taipei 2012 - VVG Bon Bon

Just round the corner in another small lane from VVG Bistro is VVG Bon Bon - the dessert member of the VVG family. VVGBonBon is styled like a Parisian cafe - albiet an OTT version. One blogger calls it Marie Antoinette's favourite cupcake shop, and I tend to agree. The whole setup is ultra-feminine, with splashes of pink and pastel everywhere.

There are lots of cakes and sweets on display. On the whole though - it seems like they are going for the look rather then the taste. Most of the items look either too dry or too fake to be enticing.

I found VVG Bon Bon to be the odd one among its stylish siblings. Still it is quirky enough to be worth at least a visit.


Elaine said…
Thanks for the address. This sure looks pretty. It's a pity though if the food is not as good as it looks!.
Unknown said…
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