Taipei 2012 - VVG Bistro

If you like your shopping and entertaining a little off the mainstream - a little bit quirky, then DaAn District is definitely the place for you. Take the subway to the centre of Taipei and get off at ZhongxiaoDunhua Station. This is a very vibrant part of the city full of small streets and back lanes that are begging to be explored.

The reason I went there was to check out the small VVG F&B empire that has taken root at the northern corner of the district. It took me quite a while to find the place, as most of the outlets here are deliberately coy about their signages.

The first of the VVG outlets I visited was VVG Bistro. This was apparently the place that started it all, and I immediately warmed to it. The design is very eclectic, casual and homely. The kind of place that you can just kick off your shoes and relax, though judging from the crowd you may need to book in advance to secure a seat.

Look out for this cute pink van always parked at the front of the shop.

The entrance is obscured by very lush planting. The best place to lunch would definitely be the covered patio right at the front.

Inside is quirky, eclectic and cozy.

I didn't get to try the food, but the coffee was good. Most people I think come here for the vibe.


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