Taipei 2012 - Beitou Hot Spring Museum

The Japanese occupied Taiwan from 1895 to 1945 - a relatively long period of time, so it is not surprising to find many Japanese influences in Taiwanese culture. One of the Japanese traditions which is still very popular among locals is the spa culture. The presence of hot springs in many parts of Taiwan no doubt contribute to its popularity.

Beitou is an area to the North of Taipei which is very popular for its hot springs. This area was developed into a spa resort during the Japanese era. You can still find an old Japanese public bath building which has been converted into a museum. The building itself is a handsome red brick and timber structure, with indoor spa pools on the ground floor and rest areas on the upper floor.

The surrounding area around the Museum has been preserved and there is a distinct Japanese character.

There are lots of day spas in Beitou where you can enjoy water piped from the natural hot springs. A soak in the hot spring water is an experience not to be missed. The spas here are mostly upscale establishments and prices are relatively high - but the facilities are first class.


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