Taipei 2012 - Huashan Creative Park

Like most developing countries, Taiwan is trying hard to move up the value chain. You can only get so far being an IT manufacturing centre - the future is in service and the knowledge industry. You can see their efforts through the large number of creative parks that have been developed in Taipei City. Most of these are housed in readopted old buildings - which is a great way of putting the heritage buildings to use while at the same time preserving them.

One of the biggest of such parks is the Huashan Creative Park. Originally a Japanese wine factory, it was abandoned and rediscovered in the 90s. Since then it has been converted into a creative hub, with shops, galleries, restaurants, pubs and event spaces.

What's great about this place is that they have not go overboard with the restoration works. The buildings have been left more or less intact, and the time-worn ambiance of the whole complex is its biggest charm.

There are large spaces for events and exhibitions. When I visited there was a photo exhibition on rural Taiwan.

Definitely worth a visit if you like old buildings with character. Huashan Creative Park is on Bade Road in the Zhong Zhen District.


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