Taipei 2012 - Tu Hsiao Yueh Tan Tsai Noodles

One of the things I was told I must try in Taipei is Tu Hsiao Yuen Tan Tsai Noodles. This is another hawker food of humble origins that has made it big in Taiwan, and now they have a chain of restaurants all over the island. I went to the branch at Yong Kang Street during lunch time, and it was packed. I was lucky to get a table.

I think the secret to Tu Hsiao Yueh's success is that they are very good with marketing. At every outlet there is a stall where you can see the noodles being prepared. It brings a touch of authenticity to what is otherwise a chain restaurant.

I of course ordered the famous Tan Tsai Noodles, which is basically yellow noodles topped with stewed minced pork and a fresh cooked prawn. The soup is a fish broth, and mixed with the fatty minced pork it was very flavourful.

What was even better was the Grilled Milk Fish which I ordered to accompany the noodles. The fish was perfectly grilled, very tender and sweet. It was great with a touch of lime juice and the lightly spiced salt.

There were lots of interesting looking dishes on the menu, unfortunately I was dining alone and didn't have the stomach to try more items. Have to leave it for the next visit.


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