Taipei 2012 - SPOT Taipei Film House

Zhongshan District is one of the most popular districts in Taipei, especially with the locals. There are lots of interesting things to explore here, and one of them is the SPOT Taipei Film House. Taiwan has produced quite a few world recognized auteurs, and it is no surprise that film culture is a big part of life here.

The Taipei Film House is in a two-storey Colonial style building which used to be the residence of the American Ambassador. Today it houses a small cinema which shows mostly arthouse movies, seminar rooms, a multi-media conference room, cafes and a shop which sells design and film-related merchandise from around the world. 

For the cafe lovers there are 2 cafes on the venue - on the ground floor is Cafe Lumiere.

And on the first floor is La Ballon Rouge - a more upmarket establishment. Both serve great coffee and snacks - pricey by Taipei standards.

The shop on the ground floor sells well-curated design and film related merchandise from Taiwan and overseas.

If you are a film-lover, you will find the Film House interesting. If not, you can still enjoy the quaint old building and visit the nice cafes for a relaxing break.


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