Taipei 2012 - Eslite Bookshop

If you are looking for the design mecca in Taipei, you should definitely head to Eslite Bookshop. They have many branches around the city, but the flagship store is at Dunnan District. By International standards this may not a very big store, but it is difinitely worth a visit.

More then just a bookshop, Eslite has evolved into a lifestyle store that sells all kinds of modern must-haves such as carefully curated clothes, bags, luggages, all kinds of Ipod accessories, stationeries and of course books. Their range of journals and sketch books are truly stylish and drool-worthy.

Besides the books, clothing and stationery sections, there are also mini-galleries and pop-up stores within a store which are all very interesting. There are also cafes for coffee and light snacks. I can imagine spending a very nice Sunday afternoon here. Hope they open one in Malaysia soon !


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