Taipei 2012 - Jiufen Hill Town

Also in the eastern coast of Taipei, Jiufen was a prosperous gold mining town that went into decline after the mining was discontinued in the 50s. However it was saved from oblivion by being featured in a number of movies - most notably Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-Hsien's A City of Sadness.

The town is set on a majestic hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is very photogenic and has a ramshackle character that is charming and endearing. It became popular with the locals as a weekend retreat, and nowadays also very popular with tourists who come to enjoy the views and also the street food which has built up quite a reputation.

View of Pacific Ocean from the hill town.

There is a street full of cafes and teahouses that are popular with local artists and writers.

Wondering around the scenic hill town is a great way to spend a lazy weekend, and thats why the locals love this place so much. Many artists and creative types have set up base here.

Right at the top of the hill are what I orginally thought were very small houses. On closer look, these are actually tombs. The residents have reserved the best spots for their ancestors.

If you are visiting Taipei, you should definitely put Jiufen in your itinerary. Unlike many other touristy destinations Jiufen is as authentic as you can get, but that may change as more and more people discover its charm.


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