Taipei 2012 - Local Market in Wanhua District

While wondering around the Longshan Temple in Wanhua District, I came across this small local wet market full of local shoppers. I always love visiting local markets as you get to see what the locals actually eat. This one is no different and is a treasure trove of fresh ingredients and cooked items - all looked delectable except the copious amounts of pig's innards. I know what you are thinking - innards are good, but I prefer them in small doses.

Plenty of cooked food for you to bring home and start a feast.

Pork is without a doubt the preferred meat in Taipei.

We finally get to the greens and fruits section, which is outside the main market.

I visited a couple of other markets in Taipei and they are all fascinating. You may even find some delicious morsels hidden in some dark corner of the bazaar.


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