Taipei 2012 - Wulai Old Street Part I

Wulai is an area in the hills around 1 hour drive from Taipei. It is home to the indigenous Atayal Tribe, and is also a popular spa retreat for the locals due to the presence of natural hot springs. One of the reason for its popularity is that the hot springs in Wulai don't have the usual strong sulphuric smell, unlike other popular hot spring areas in Taipei.

Wulai is also famous for its Old Street which is today probably a bigger attraction then the hot springs. Like most of the other old streets in Taipei, the focus is on food. It is basically one narrow street with shops on both sides selling local delicacies, products and souvenirs.

On the way to Wulai, you drive through some beautiful mountain scenes.


Wulai gets pretty crowded on weekends and holidays. You normally park a bit further out and take a short walk to the Old Street.

One of the first things that caught my eye - whole roasted wild boar. It looked so delicious I just had to ta-pau (takeaway) some for dinner.

There are so many things to try. 

Some of the queues are very long. You do need some patience if you want to try the good stuff here.

More in Part II of this post.


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