Taipei 2012 - Shilin Night Market Part II

To really enjoy Shilin Night Market you need lots of patience and a good stamina. The place is huge and crowded, and there is always a long queue for the popular stalls. It is also near impossible to score a table anywhere, so most of the time you will be eating on your feet. A bit of dexterity in juggling your food, your drink, your bags and your cameras would be very useful. But despite all that, it's lots of fun. To see so many like-minded gluttons all in one place and intent on seeking out their next big taste sensation gives you a real buzz !

After you have checked out the open air section of Shilin, its time to check out the basement food court. It's a bit like going down to a subway station.

Once you are down there, it's really standing room only. Those who are agoraphobic should totally avoid this place ! 

You will be lucky to find a seat - but with a bit a patience I did managed to steal a seat in a crowded corner.

One of the most popular Taiwanese snacks is the Oyster Omelette. The Taiwanese version is the soft and sticky type and very eggy, and served with a sauce that looks fiery red but is actually sweet.

 I also tried this interesting looking Cuttlefish Stew. It is 2 fresh and dried cuttlefish served in a very light sauce - giving you 2 different textures in one dish. If you like cuttlefish, you will like this.

The best thing I had at Shilin was the "Hu Chiou Ping" - baked black pepper meat buns. They are baked in what looks like a tandoori oven. The dough is light and crispy on the outside, and the filling is very tasty. Definitely a must try !


Unknown said…
WOW! This was such an amazing read! You are so lucky to have the opportunities to travel to such amazing destinations! And your writing is so good, I feel like I was right there with you! :) Petter Joe

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