Taipei 2012 - Dinner at Naluwan Hot Spring Resort

Our stay at the Naluwan Hot Spring Resort came with dinner. It wan't an elaborate feast, but was quite enjoyable as a few local specialties were on the menu. It was augmented with the roasted wild boar which we bought from the Old Street, and lots of beer and rice wine.

Roast duck seems to be a local specialty and is also served on this meal. The meat is not as tender as we are used to, but quite flavourful.

Sweet and Sour Wild Boar Ribs.  They are leaner and gamier then normal pork.

Deepfried Brinjal in a sweet and sour sauce. It's crunchy outside and velvety soft inside. The sauce could have been more interesting - it tasted more like chili sauce from a bottle.

 Braised Wild Mushrooms. This was one of the best dish of the night. The mushrooms were really fresh.

Stir-fried Mountain Veggies - not very sure what the veggie was, but it was  fresh and crunchy. A bit like morning glory.

The Roasted Wild Boar that we bought from Old Street. The skin was no longer crispy but still had some crunch. The meat was very nice - leaner then normal pork and very flavourful.

Bamboo Rice was served with dinner instead of plain rice. The glutinous rice is cooked until very tender, and mushroom and carrots are added for flavour. Quite nice, but we were too stuffed to eat much of this.  

Dinner at the hotel was good, but no where near as interesting as the food at Wulai Old Street. In hind sight we should have canceled the dinner and just go back to the Old Street to sample more of the interesting street food.


Erick Firdaus said…
great photos
hope i'll be there soon
visit me
Glenn Thompson said…
ohhhhh wow!!!!!! what a yummy chicken.. looking beautiful...

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