Taipei 2012 - Taipei Expo Park

Taipei hosted the International Floral Exposition from November 2012 tp April 2011.  It was a big International event with participation from US, Japan, the Netherlands, Greece, Thailand, etc. After the Exposition, some of the buildings had been retained as permanent exhibits open to the public.

The Park itself is quite huge and divided into several sections. The Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art is right in the middle of it, and other buildings are quite spread out over the huge Site. 

We visited one corner of the Park called the Xinshen Park. You can still see the gardens which were created for the Expo. Some of the buildings are beginning to look a bit run down. Overall the architecture is not as exciting as the World Expo - the focus here is more on the garden and landscape.

Some of the floral exhibits are quite interesting.

We visited one of the Pavillions called The Pavillion of the Future. Frankly the content was a bit lacklustre as I can’t even remember what we saw. The Taipei Expo Park is worth a visit if you have the time - but if you don’t you can safely give it a miss.


Poh said…
Hi, will be traveling to Mukah at the end of the month. I read from your blog that you visit Mukah quite often and seems to be very familiar with Mukah. Was wondering if you can recommend a hotel somewhere in Mukah where its clean, with air conditioning and hot water. Thanks.
Borneoboy said…
Hi Poh. The best hotel in Mukah would be Kingwood Hotel. It is right in the town centre and reasonably priced. They also have a resort next to the beach but that is a bit of distance from the town and transport options are very limited in Mukah.

There are many small "Inns" in Mukah that are generally quite cheap and rooms are clean but basic.

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