Taipei 2012 - Lin An Tai Historical Mansion

If you choose to visit the Taipei Expo Park, especially the Xinshen Park - then don't miss the Lin An Tai Histocal Mansion. This was the family mansion of a very wealthy family in the 1800s. Originally located in Dunhua South Road, it was threatened with demolition due to redevelopments in the 1970s. Efforts to protect the property were unsuccessful, and in the end the buildings were dismantled piece by piece and kept in storage. In the 1980s, the new site was found and the buildings were rebuilt and reopened to the public as a museum.

The Lin An Tai Historical Mansion is one of the best  preserved traditional houses in Northern Taiwan. The design is based on a traditional Chinese courtyard house. There are beautiful details and carvings adorning the house at various corners.

The complex is quite big and there are some beautiful gardens and garden pavilions to explore.


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