Rome 2013 - Trasteverre

Trasteverre is an area in the Western side of Rome - across the River Tiber. Once considered to be the outskirts of the City, today it is fast becoming a trendy area for pubs, cafes and restaurants. The charm of Trasteverre comes from its medieval character, narrow and winding streets, and a general Bohemian sensitivity which permeates the streets, buildings and people. 

There are many bridges which connects the old city to Trasteverre. The best time to go would be in the late afternoon, when the evening sun deepen the warm colours on the buildings - making them look especially beautiful.

The main street in Trasteverre is non-other then Viale di Trasteverre - a tree-lined avenue with 4 to 6 storey buildings on both sides. This was the only part of Rome where we found stalls on the street selling discount goods.

The side streets are the main attractions here. They are full of surprises.


Avneet said…
Nice pictures :)

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